What is Meditation?

Meditation,healthl,bertapa,meditasiWhat is Meditation? 

 Since you do not apperceive what brainwork is, let us abstraction it.
To apprentice meditation, you accept to see how your apperception works. You should observe, as you beam a cadger ample accomplished the wall. You see all four feet, how he absorbed to the wall, and as you observe, you see all the motion.

  • In the aforementioned way, beam your thoughts. Do not fix. Do not press. Do not say, "All this is too difficult." Beam course, now, this morning.
  • First of all, sit in absolute silence. Sit down a nice, cross-legged, absolutely silent, abutting your eyes, and accumulate your eyes do not move. Do you understand? The brawl tends to move your eyes, accumulate them quiet at all, just to try.
  • Then, while you sit agilely at all, acquisition out what is getting done by your mind. Beam as you watched the lizard. Beam the mind, how he ran, a anticipation followed addition thought. That way you activate to apprentice to observe. Are there any you beam your thoughts - how the apperception which one to accompany added thoughts, again said, thought, "This is a acceptable mind, that bad thoughts"? If you go to bed at night, if you are running, beam your thoughts. Beam your mind, do not fix it, and you activate to apprentice the alpha of meditation.
  • Now sit agilely at all. Abutting your eyes, and accumulate your eyeballs do not move at all. Again beam your mind, so you learn. Once you alpha learning, acquirements that there is no end.