How to Stop Smoking

How to Stop SmokingFor those who are addicted to smoking, then quit smoking: is a very serious step. Because there is even an expression of the smokers that do not eat breakfast is better than not smoking while drinking coffee. Tips to quit smoking usually is to reduce smoking , and not stopped abruptly.

Quitting smoking process is to reduce the number of cigarettes consumed, usually a day out 1 packet then endeavored to be a half a pack a day, which had a total smoking can not smoke at all, will usually be achieved after a certain period of time-consuming.

Actually why people can smoke anyway? The following are the reasons or advantages and disadvantages of smoking where you can choose to smoke or the actual value was not a smart move or a dumb move anyway? considering the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Smoking :
  • Relieve stress
  • Treating the flu
  • Eliminate tired
  • Add to delicious and passion
  • More males in the mix
  • Add prestige
  • More steady

Loss Smoking
  • High risk of lung disease
  • High risk of tuberculosis
  • High risk of strep throat
  • Destroyed the economic risks
  • The risk of forgetting the child wife
  • Risk when a wound difficult to heal
  • Creating a brownish black lips due to nicotine attached
  • Often become nagging people for the less savory smell of cigarette smoke
  • Reduces savings, since every day smoking also burn the money, the money we donate more beneficial to the poor or orphaned children can be more beneficial and rewarding.
  • The risk of debt swelled not have the money and eventually owe.
  • Poison the people around us, because cigarette smoke contains nicotine and other substances are harmful, others can dhirup that passive smoking can be affected by the disease. Active smokers would be more resistant than in passive smokers
  • Accelerate until the hereafter, be short lived.

Hayoo where many of the advantages and disadvantages? In addition, the above benefits it is it true anyway? Therefore according to the smoker is not according to scientific penilitian.

Stop Smoking Tips

It's hard to stop smoking, because it is an addiction. But maybe these tips you can use to reduce smoking:

  1. Beginning of therapy, replace cigarettes with candy, it usually helps solve all idle mouths.
  2. Volunteer anti-smoking campaigns, because it can bear responsibility for yourself not to smoke according to his own advocacy.
  3. Read books, articles, consultations kesehetan or newspapers about the harmful effects of smoking, so you will be horrified and afraid of the impact of smoking.
  4. Go to the hospital, especially the lungs hospital and see if most of them smoked or not, and certainly their most obvious are the smokers.
  5. Keep your environment always are air conditioned and this will make you difficult to smoke. Bedroom, living room and den all try air-conditioned.
  6. Buy cheap cigarettes so that addition can save money, and tired of smoking, because it's relatively bad.
  7. Keep thinking about cigarettes switch to work hard if used while smoking, such as sports, work at the pump (since banned Gan and can fire).
  8. Cigarette buffalo berries, or rub poo on the end so you will not be smoking in disgust.
  9. Do not bring lighters to take it anywhere because when cigarette smoking without the intention to cancel a match.
  10. Look for anti-smoking wives.
  11. Pray let the more expensive the price of cigarettes can not afford to buy.
  12. Write on your forehead writing NO SMOKING! I'll continue to remember.
  13. Give gunpowder at the base of your cigarettes, and surely you will give up if up cigarette explode.
  14. Stay away from stores that sell cigarettes.
  15. If offered a cigarette by a friend, just ask for a refund so you are not tempted to smoke again and can even money.

Well, hopefully the above tips can make you quit smoking .