Ten Techniques To Improve Your Memory In The Office Of

Adults with ADHD have a specific need to manage what should be retained. Not a problem that we forget, but can not remember. There is a difference!

To help adults with ADHD in the office of the ten following techniques can be used and modified to help you be the star who always remembers:

Phones personal organizers, and Mobile / Smartphone

You can use the phone through the creation of a reminder is a way to do it. Recently, smartphones and other mobile devices are the applications can be used to commemorate important events or activities. As with anything, and it takes, we must also take into consideration to build a backup and redundancy. You will be confident using reminders, and if you lose your mobile device, can be very debilitating for you. Take advantage of synchronization with a PC or laptop as a second level of support.


Depending on your personal situation and the severity of ADHD, you are entitled to put the clocks in obvious places where the note and act accordingly. The idea is that this should be a trigger that you can count on you to mobilize to do what to do or stop doing what you do to start another activity, such as picking up children from school at a time or by regular a report on the situation in a predetermined interval.


Your calendar is a great tool to support your needs for short-term planning. Whether a page a day for a paper or electronic format, you must be disciplined in its maintenance. Take time at the end or beginning of a day to review and prioritize what needs to be done, what is important and what can be removed from the list and stick to it. Avoid being overwhelmed by the bustle of the day and return to the calendar when you can always review what happened, even if you only get to the next morning.

Alarms and / or computerized reminders

Alarms and other computerized reminders to alert reminders to take medication or annually, as your wedding can save you many difficult moments. If you have to buy a gift for a birthday, too, set an alarm for the purchase of gifts and the actual anniversary. This goes a long way to plan your day and not for the purchase of last minute or worse to have to apologize that you forgot!

Google Maps Help

If you are faced with an important task that falls outside your normal routine, a good starting point for post-it note or card will remind you. Place it where you can easily and will be asked to do something. If you need to take the car to the shop of a service, place next to your car keys to help you not to stand for election on the autopilot can not remember that when you park in the basement. There is a time waster and money to a review


Maintain and keep the lists are another way of doing things and remember that you need to get done. You can combine a list of tasks to do first things a diary of activities in the morning or last thing you do before leaving office. Be honest with yourself when you make these lists. It makes no sense 25 items in the list and wait until the end of them all, if you spend seven hours in nine meetings, and not have someone to help. Tasks priorities and say no you can not do, or allow others to do but go around it.

Weekly Calendar

Another useful tool, you can use as a team leader or project manager is to have a weekly calendar that lists the goals of the week. It will illustrate how to integrate tasks and also notify all affected team members to stick to the schedule, including you. If you do not follow the plan, there will be consequences.

Answer phone messages

Let your voice mail on the phone, mobile phone or soft phone to remind you to participate in an activity or task. This is a great solution to use when you have a pen and paper or computer record about what to do.

Annual Wall Planner

This is useful for long-term planning, such as project plans and to remind recurring tasks, such as monthly reports to be submitted to a manager or executive. Draw your design and review cycles in the scheduler of the same opportunity to compile the documents as well.

Portable Dictaphone / Recorder

The most mobile and smart phones equipped with a recording of messages, and even recording software that allows you to save what you do if you have access to pen and paper, or if you want to use only in the electronic media. There are also solutions that combine with pen and paper for recording. For a few dollars you can get the best of both worlds!

All the techniques above will fail if you do not act on it and use it to work for you. This may seem obvious, but if you have ADHD, you can easily fall into the bustle of your day and spend eleven hours in the office and a boss grunts next because you have not delivered what you should do . Focus on what it is that you as a member of the team and the needs of the employee to provide, then you will excel in your career and the boss will turn into grunts your praise singer!