Seven Things To Consider Before Choosing A Diet Low In Fat

The term "low-fat diet" has the connotation of being a healthy, weight loss diet. This type of diet recommended to eliminate or drastically reduce dairy products, animal fats and other saturated fats such as coconut oil. The implication is that a diet low in fat to keep the arteries clear and help you lose weight. WRONG! Natural fats that the body needs and do not grow. dissemination of their diet for a prolonged period of time is asking for trouble. Here are seven reasons.

The first cell walls is about 50% saturated fat. Because the cell walls provide rigidity and structure, and protects against viruses, will be ineffective term "low-fat diet" has the connotation of a healthy, slimming diet. This type of diet should eliminate or drastically reduce dairy products, animal fats and other saturated fats like coconut oil. It follows that the low-fat diet to keep the arteries clean and help you lose weight. WRONG! These natural fats are needed for the body, and also does not make you fat. when you do not have enough fat and charging. The cell wall become weak and therefore vulnerable to attacks by viruses, with consequent weakening of his immune disease.

Secondly skimp on the fat (animal fat) can deplete the body of fat soluble vitamins A and D, which are essential for good health. This is because vitamins A and D can be found in our diet in animal products. Saturated fats are the carriers of these vitamins and saturated fats are needed to convert carotene into vitamin A. Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption and bone health. Deficiencies of these vitamins can be expensive. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to heart disease. Vitamin D deficiency is involved in cancer.

Thirdly, the heart needs a good fat sound. Why? Because saturated fat to help maintain tissues in omega-3, which protects against cardiovascular disease. Good fat is also useful in the heart, because it reduces Lp (a), a substance in the blood associated with heart disease. And finally, the muscles around the heart is very high in fat. The idea that saturated fats that clog arteries, it is true. According to recent research, the content of the plaque is composed primarily of calcium deposits, plaque, and fats are mostly unsaturated fat.

Fourth, in order to absorb the calcium in your bones, your body needs fat. They noted expert, Dr. Mary Enig, said that for the body to absorb calcium effectively, at least 50% of saturation of dietary fat. There is good reason why God gave milk with the cream. It is vital that if your body wants to use the calcium in milk!

Fifthly, we need the good cholesterol in the blood, cholesterol is not bad. How is the good cholesterol? You guessed it - eating good fats - namely saturated fat. According to Dr. Beiler in his book The food is the best medicine, an important function of the liver to produce cholesterol and vegetable fats and other animal fats. Dr. Beiler contends that, as fats and oils in their natural state, are not dangerous - even if consumed in excess. But he warns that if the fat is hot, the liver will not be able to produce them good cholesterol. The result is that arterial inflammation is established, paving the way for atherosclerosis (artery walls lose their elasticity) or atherosclerosis (fatty deposits and plaque in the arteries). Natural, unheated fats and good cholesterol is good cholesterol, is good for the heart.

Sixth, the amount of fat in your body is determined both by the amount of fat you eat, but the amount of carbohydrates you eat. Carbohydrates are converted into sugar. As your blood sugar rises, the body produces insulin to balance blood sugar. Insulin also is the trigger that tells your body to store excess blood sugar as fat. Natural fats, by contrast, is transformed into energy, not body fat.

Finally, remember the Eskimos. Their traditional diet, they lived entirely on meat, fish, chicken, and fat people and they were stronger and healthier earth. While living in very difficult circumstances, their bones were strong, their cholesterol levels to normal, and the arteries unclogged. Cancer does not have the vocabulary. The experiments are the Eskimos, it was found that by eliminating fat from food has caused a serious illness. When the fat had been restored after their health

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