Reduce Expensive Gynecomastia Without Surgery

This article focuses on how to reduce gynecomastia, of course. If you have man boobs, the problem is an embarrassing and damaging to the trust. To avoid this it is enough for a swim and crown increasingly paranoid when someone stares at you in the chest area. The first thing you should consider to do is figure out what kind of man boobs you have.

If the breast tissue behind the nipple area is hard, gynecomastia may be true. True gynecomastia is treated through a surgical procedure that removes the dough. Most men suffer from pseudo gynecomastia. This is a common condition of gynecomastia caused by poor diet, lack of exercise and other habits.

Best ways to reduce gynecomastia, of course, is to examine the following issues;


If you have a poor diet based primarily on fast food, then your body accumulates fat. The adipose tissue in men is 99% more likely to show the entire stomach and chest. Overweight men have the kind of difficulties typical beer belly sagging chest look like conditions. All fats are not bad either. Good fats such as omega 3, flaxseed oil is actually good for you and for research studies show that can help you lose fat. Reduce the consumption of hamburgers, fried, high calorie sweets will help reduce the fat that accumulates in your body more.

Unfortunately, the reality is there is no substitute for a clean diet. If you have a poor diet, which affects the health of overtime. Pseudo-gynecomastia can be controlled and removed entirely consistent with a good diet.

Physical training

Regular exercise helps you burn calories. To burn calories, they just lose fat. To reduce gynecomastia is not necessary to go to a gym. You can just go out walking, jogging and resistance exercises such as press UPS to the tone of the fat around your chest. Exercise and have control over your diet will help you lose body fat and generally show changes in the weight you carry in your chest. Resistance training also helps burn calories in relation to the regime.

Hormonal imbalance

If you have a hormonal imbalance, diet and exercise do not work to eliminate gynecomastia. If your body produces more estrogen hormones, you need to counter this is by blocking estrogen. There are anti-estrogen such as Nolvadex blockers on the market that can help with high estrogen levels. Before taking any anti-estrogen blocker, it is important to consult a doctor. Talk to your doctor before taking pills.

There are supplements that claim to reduce and even eliminate gynecomastia. Gynexin is a natural supplement that claims to help people reduce the fat around the nipples and breasts in general. There are critics who discuss Gynexin Annex in more detail.