What is Mental Health ?

No one who does not want to enjoy the tranquility of life, and everyone will try to find him, though not all can achieve it wants it. Various causes and obstacles that may occur so that more people are experiencing anxiety, anxiety and dissatisfaction.

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Unhappy circumstances it is not confined to certain groups only, but depending on how people deal with things matter. For example there are poor people nervous because a lot of desire that is not reached, even rich people are also nervous, anxious and feel at ease in her life caused by other factors such as boredom or want to add more property.

Every person, whether or not rank high rank even an errand boy, difficulties encountered in various forms. Only one thing is equally felt that restlessness of the soul. Indeed calm life, inner peace or happiness soul, does not depend on outside factors such as social circumstances, economics, politics, customs and so on. However, much depends on the manner and attitude to face these factors.

So who determines the peace and happiness of life is mental health. Mental health that determines a person's response to a question, and the ability to adjust. Mental health is precisely what determines whether people will menpunyai excitement for life, or be passive or not excited.

Mentally healthy people will not soon feel hopeless, pessimistic or apathetic, because he can confront all obstacles or failures of his life in peace. If the failure was faced with a calm, be it can be analyzed, looking for the causes that dimenimbulkannya, or found the factors that are not in place. Will thus be used as a lesson that is to avoid all the things that bring failure at any other time.

To find out whether someone is healthy or mentally disturbed, is not easy. Usually used as a subject for investigation or other signs of mental health is an act, behavior or feelings. Thus a person who disturbed his mental health in case of emotional instability, abnormal behavior or actions.

From the results of a study of patients with impaired mental health, it can be concluded that the disturbed mental health can affect a person's entire life. The effect was divided into four groups; feelings, mind / intelligence, behavior and health agencies. This is all considered to mental disorders, while mental illness is much heavier.


Among the disorders caused by a feeling of mental health is a sense of anxiety, jealousy, sadness, feeling low self-esteem, anger, doubt, etc.. For clarity let us consider each issue with an example.

Sense of Anxiety

Feelings of uncertainty, panic, fear of not knowing anyone and not be afraid of feeling anxious and worried about removing it. Too many things that cause a lot of anxiety out of place.


Often people feel envious of the happiness of others. Juice is not due to heart rot in bleak ordinary people thought, but because he himself did not feel happy in his life.

Sad taste

Unwarranted grief, or too many sad things, so the water face is always membanyangkan sadness, even though he is a capable, ranking, respected people and so on.

Truly sad feeling this happens a lot. Many of us see people who have never happy in his life. Why vary, there are mothers who feel lonely because her children were, no longer need it, while the father is not what it used to be. Instead there are fathers who feel sad because his wife used to always pay attention to food and drink, now has been busy taking care of the household and children. Such sorrows, not caused by any reason or issue directly, but by a mental health impaired.

Inferiority complex

Low self-esteem and confidence are not a lot going on teenager. This is caused by the many problems they face and do not get the completion and understanding from parents. Besides, it may also be due to the influence of education and the treatment he received as a child.

This inferiority complex leads to quick offense. So he probably will stay away from association with the crowd, alone, did not dare to express opinions (for fear of being wrong), do not dare to act or take some initiative (fear not received one). Over time will be lost confidence in him, and then he also kurnag believe in people. He will be irritable or sad heart, become apathetic and pessimistic.

Even a low sense of self that will probably cause he likes to criticize others, and his behavior may appear arrogant. In the association he became rigid, less liked by his friends, because the easily offended and do not much participate actively in the association or employment.


Surely someone in a certain mood to be angry sometimes, but if he so often anger that is out of place or out of balance with the causes that give rise to anger, then it has to do with mental health. Expression of anger is actually a bad mood, usually because of disappointment, dissatisfaction, not achieved what he wanted. If the person does not feel good, not satisfied with itself, then outside the atmosphere a little annoying he would be angry. Perhaps the child, wife or whoever will be the target of his anger had long been buried it.