What do you know about Autism?

Autism is a actual circuitous adorning ataxia in children, whose affection had occurred afore the adolescent alcove the age of three years.

The could cause of autism is a neurobiological ataxia that affects academician action in such a way that accouchement are not able to collaborate and acquaint finer with the alfresco world.

autisme,autism,penderita autisA actual arresting evidence is the attitude of accouchement who tend not to affliction about the ambiance and humans about him, as if abnegation to acquaint and interact, as able-bodied as active in his own world. Accouchement with autism aswell accept difficulties in compassionate the accent and acquaint verbally.

Besides, it is generally (self-stimulation behavior) such as spinning, flapping-ngepakan easily like wings, walking on tiptoes, and so forth.

Symptoms of autism alter widely. Some accouchement are hyperactive and advancing behavior or aching yourself, but some are passive. They tend to be actual difficult to ascendancy his affections and generally tempertantrum (crying and raging). Sometimes they cry, beam or get affronted for no credible reason.

In accession to the affection alter in type, acuteness of affection of autism aswell vary, from actual balmy to actual severe.

Because of the abounding differences amid anniversary individual, again this is added accepted adorning disorders accepted as Autistic Spectrum Ataxia (ASD) or Autistic Spectrum Disorders (GSA).

Autism can appear to anyone, behindhand of derma color, socioeconomic cachet and education. Not all individuals ASD / GSA has a low IQ. Some of them can accomplish a academy education. Even some who accept amazing adeptness in assertive fields (music, mathematics, drawing).

The prevalence of autism menigkat actual annoying from year to year. According to the Autism Research Institute in San Diego, the amount of autistic individuals in 1987 estimated 1:5000 children. This amount added so rapidly and by 2005 had become 1:160 children. In Indonesia there are no authentic abstracts because there is no axial anthology for autism. But in Indonesia was estimated to amount abutting to the aloft figures. Autism is added accepted in men than women, with a arrangement of 4:1