This is the cause of your wrist pain!

Basic Causes of Wrist Pain

Function of the Hand and Wrist

The human hand is a particularly advanced and finely-balanced structure. There are over twenty five bones within the human hand and wrist. The wrist joint provides flexibility and strength for the hand to perform an infinite kind of tasks. the 2 major functions of the hand, shown at left, are (1) the pinch, that uses the thumb and index finger, and (2) the facility grip, that sometimes involves closing the hand around an object. The wrist joint will extend upward or flex downward, and might move laterally from facet to facet .

Principle Causes of Wrist Pain

There are 2 principle reasons for wrist pain. A sudden event or an acute injury will break a bone or tear a ligament. Less apparent, however additional slowly developing insidious causes of wrist pain are repeated patterns of activity, that over time could cause undue strain on the wrist. What may result is usually said as Repetitive Strain Injuries, that embody (1) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and (2) DeQuervain’s Disease.

Other potential causes of wrist pain embody diabetes, thyroid disease, arthritis, and pregnancy (which will cause severe swelling and alternative wrist problems).

Traumatic Arthritis

The healing method which ends up from the traumatic stress of a sudden injury typically causes arthritis. An accident happens, and also the bone or the connecting ligaments are broken or torn. once the broken bone fragments are realigned, though the realignment seems to be good, there'll still be some distortion. Over time, the broken bones can settle, increasing the distortion, and also the surfaces of the bones can tend to rub and wear out. The cartilage lining on the top of the bones is particularly liable to this “wearing out” method, and because the tissues and linings round the bone become irritated and swell, scarring can eventually occur. All of those comparatively tiny changes can cause a bigger degree of stress over time on the bones and also the cartilage, and inevitably arthritis can result.

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