The Critical Importance of Eating a Nutritional Breakfast

The 12 to 18 Hour Gap
Your breakfast meal is more important than any other meal of the day. Here's why.
However, in the event you skip breakfast & don't have lunch till 12:30, it will have been 15 hours since you have had any food in your body.

Let's say you eat dinner at 7:30 & go to bed at 11:00. In the event you eat breakfast, your meal would be at 7:30 in the morning.

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That is why it is called "breakfast" - It breaks your speedy.
That extended gap is unhealthy for your body. Your breakfast meal is meant to be the meal that helps your body transition from hibernating at night to an active day.

Going without breakfast often means having a 12 to 18 hour gap of no food in your body. That is unhealthy.

Balances Your Blood Sugar Levels

Your blood sugar level is largely influenced by the foods you eat. As food you eat is turned in to usable energy & glucose by the body, sugar is released in to the blood stream to be delivered to different parts of the body.

Your blood sugar level is of the most important things for maintaining a steady level of energy & concentration throughout the day.

This will lead to you feeling lethargic, having lower levels of concentration & having poorer health in general.
When you go 12 to 18 hours without food however, the body starts to run low on glucose. As a result your blood sugar levels will start to fall.
It may appear counter intuitive that eating more meal actually helps with weight loss.

Eating Breakfast Helps Lose Weight

The reality is, most individuals who try to lose weight by skipping breakfast finish up compensating for it by eating a large lunch.
Furthermore, they are more likely to consume unhealthy snacks throughout the day, such as chips or chocolate bars, to stave off the hunger.

What Ought to You Eat for Breakfast?

It is much healthier to start the day off with a wholesome, vitamin & mineral filled breakfast than it is to try & skip the meal altogether.

Both complex carbs & fruits also have lots of vitamins & minerals, which gets your body off to a healthy start.

Fruits & sophisticated carbohydrates are an excellent combination. Fruits will give your body the energy kick it needs to start, while the complex carbohydrates will give your body sustained energy.

You might not notice the difference the first day or you have breakfast. But one time you get in the habit of eating breakfast every day, you'll likely find that your overall energy & mental clarity significantly improves.