How The Course Of Treatment Against Hair Loss Does The Job

It is true that if you treat your hair loss early, you will most likely keep all the hair, if you are a woman and a great deal if you are a man. If you want to re-grow hair after becoming bald, of course, results will probably be a little disappointing. The secret is to "reach" the hair follicle, before it is completely atrophied, fortunately, this does not happen overnight, sometimes it is just "sleep" and can be stimulated to produce new hair.

Prescription treatments

There are some prescription hair loss treatments can be effective, an ideal which is to take one pill per day may solve the problem of hair is very attractive. However, if you are in pre-menopausal woman who can not find a doctor wants to prescribe these drugs for some of you (apparently they are not safe for a male fetus), and if you are a man may experience some side effects in the long the end. Other prescription drugs for women, like Diane, can work in some way (and if you are thinking of birth control bills, however, why not choose one of the guys that will help your hair?) But probably the "promotion" of solutions d ' current in each case. In addition, ingestion of drugs on a daily basis is not the best in all circumstances, because they are not as "soft", such as aspirin, are they?

The solution in general. In addition to prescription drugs and over-the-counter treatments for hair loss are discussed the most common form of hair loss affects men and women, the hormonal sensitivity of the scalp at the level of DHT, the hormone that binds to receptors on whether hair, "weaken" the hair follicle and eventually stops working.

In general, there are two ways to "attack" the problem of DHT:

1 - Reduce the levels of DHT in the body in general, and (especially) in the scalp.

2 - Termination of the process of binding of DHT on your hair follicles.

This is where I want to emphasize one very important point: If your hair loss is due to nutritional deficiencies or other similar problems, you will not stop taking "nutrients hair" In fact, if you take care of your hair follicles (with hair. nutrients directly or through ingestion of nutrients hair in pill form), without touching the problem of DHT, you may irritate the scalp yet I did :. There is no point in stimulating hair growth, unless you also get rid of the DHT interfere with your hair follicles. If you

When you look at the number over-the-counter treatments for hair loss, make sure they claim they work in one or the other ways above. Even more important, and it is very important if you plan to products advertised on the web, do your own research on the ingredients they list to ensure that claims made are real and not just 'hype'

Current treatments

Personally, I believe that minoxidil is not for me, but it works for many people. I used to use a 5% solution in combination with topical progesterone (which can be found via the internet, and has proven to be an anti-DHT hair by combining the hormone receptors and DHT, leaving the "out") and it worked. However, minoxidil gave me a slight unpleasant side effects, and I decided to stop it. He left me open to try out some useless products. Over-the-counter homeopathy worked for some time, especially Lycopodium and Sepia, but you need to really understand homeopathy care through the testing of many remedies.

What worked for me was a simple shampoo is usually recommended evil against dandruff and scalp irritation. There are many shampoos claim to "clean up" of DHT on the scalp, but I would study every product on the Internet, reading from a reliable Web site such as Wikipedia (not only blogs or forums), that's what I did and did difference in the world for me.